June 8, 2015

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No confidence motion against PM to be debated

By: Blog Poster On: 7:18 AM

No-confidence Motion against Premier handed over ....

112 signatories

Here are the mistakes Ranil has committed ....

A no-confidence motion in the form of a proposal against
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasingha by 112 MPs and Ministers inclusively, attesting to the proposal with their signatures was handed over to Mr. Dhammika Dissanayaka, General Secretary of parliament yesterday (5).  
In this case the allegations aimed against the prime minister are eight in number. While this proposal is included in the agenda, a meeting of relevant Party leaders (President Maithripala from SLFP) would be summoned and a date has to be decided to bring up the debate.

Following are the 8 points brought against Ranil
  1. Continuing in office as Prime Minister without the support of a majority of Members in Parliament.
  2. Termination of major projects.
  3. Blocking avenues of income of lakhs of people.
  4. Bringing politics into the police force in a serious manner in order to take political revenge and create fear.  
  5. Rise in prices of essential food items.
  6. Not granting a standard price for tea, rubber and paddy.
  7. Appointing a non-Sri Lankan citizen as the Head of the Central Bank.
  8. Issuing of treasury bonds.
Description: No confidence Motion against Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinhe handed over with 112 signatures